Travel & Hospitality

The Travel & Hospitality industry is moving fast

In travel and hospitality today, you must attain impressive loyalty scores just to stay in the game. Our expertise can help – from airlines, hotels, and restaurants to intermediaries.



Millennial travel is shaped by personalized service and e-Commerce. The service provided by your front desk and guest relations teams, the level of interaction across digital and social channels, and the convenience of online transactions, determine the travel experience. Your enterprise needs to enhance the quality of service at every touchpoint of guests.

The iMentus Hospitality and Leisure practice renew processes to assimilate customer data from multiple sources. Further, insights into demographics and preferences help you sense demand and deliver a superior guest experience.


Your human resources, finance, supply chain, and procurement management systems need integration with CRM tools, guest databases, and the Property Management System (PMS), to boost productivity. An IT ecosystem enables hospitality and gaming enterprises to gain insights into market trends, and customer behavior, and sentiment. Accurate analysis of data improves planning, operations, and financial management.