Renewing processes and introducing new services for the Publishing industry

Content aggregators, search engines, and social media platforms are redefining the publishing landscape. Your enterprise – consumer publishing or digital – needs to reconfigure content offerings and business models to remain profitable.

The iMentus Publishing practice helps you implement content strategies to engage digital publishing and consumer publishing audiences. We renew processes and differentiate offerings to help grow your publishing business.

An editorial system with modular components helps you package appropriate content for audiences or their preferred channels. Your enterprise can monetize premium content, while cultivating brand loyalty through multichannel consumption of content. Digital asset management applications with comprehensive research and verification tools enable faster turnaround of content and improve accuracy of documents. A robust content repository with a metadata-driven archive facilitates on-demand distribution.

Your audience should be able to access content anytime, anywhere. Content discovery and delivery platforms need to be tailored for diverse mobile devices and form factors. Location and motion-based services add value to content. A social content ecosystem with access control and an audit trail improves development and publishing, while enriching the user experience. A cloud environment supports high-traffic content websites with minimal downtime and accelerates response to search queries. Significantly, analytical tools in your content ecosystem can generate revenue through contextual advertising.